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BritWeek Miami's the Great Business Innovation Awards Gala at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts in Miami on Feb. 12th, 2016. (Photo by BritWeek Miami / Mitchell Zachs)

04 May 2017


A Great British Weekend VIP/Sponsor Red Carpet Reception

HM Consul General Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford welcomes BritWeek to Atlanta for the VIP Red Carpet Launch of A Great British Weekend. This event is by invitation only. See more


05 May 2017


Leslie Howard : The Man Who Gave a Damn

A compelling, intimate exploration of Hollywood legend, Leslie Howard. Often remembered as the insipid Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind (1939), THE MAN WHO GAVE A DAMN reveals a driven, courageous talent who came to symbolize Britain’s defiance of the Nazis in World War 2. Experience this unique ... See more

BABCGA BritWeek Gala with SITS - JPEG

06 May - 07 May 2017


The BritWeek BABC Oglethorpe Ball

The Oglethorpe Gala is the BABC-Georgia’s Black Tie event and this year’s BritWeek capstone dinner, dance and party. Doors open at 6pm for an open-bar British unique fun experience with a Virgin Atlanta First Class welcoming and drink, Union Jack entrance photo, Brit Week celebration, British Photo ... See more

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