Celebrating Creativity and Innovation Between the UK & US


A Great British Weekend VIP, Sponsor and Partner Red Carpet


17 Feb - 31 Dec 2017
Begins at 08:00 PM


The Betsy - South Beach
This year the fabulously talented Little Dreamers will perform at various events throughout the weekend, with a special performance by all 18 Little Dreamers regaling our VIP Sponsors, Partners and Miami Boat Show guests at the BritWeek Red Carpet hosted by The Betsy - South Beach on Friday, February 17.

This highly sought after BritWeek VIP event will celebrate the ever expanding creative synergy between the UK and Miami in poetry, art, music, fashion, sustainability, and luxury brands during a spectacularly dynamic and inspiring evening sponsored by the Welsh Government and Bentley Motors, and supported by the International Seakeepers Society.

Four students from the acclaimed MDC Miami Fashion Institute will be showcasing a Twiggy inspired 60's Mod Pop Up introduced by iconic British designer Barbara Hulanicki.

There will also be a unique performance by the winners of Piano Slam 9 together with renowned British dub poet, Roger Robinson.

This event is by invitation only.

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